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A smart and innovative western Mediterranean region

Join the discussion and give your opinion Improve the availability of comparable and aggregated socio-economic data-series Improve cross-sectorial coordination in research and strategic cooperation across the region Foster innovative start-ups and maritime clusters amongst traditional and new activities in the region

Fostering the managerial capacity to boost a sustainable coastal and maritime tourism in the region

How to promote sustainable models for maritime tourism and sustainable cruises across the western Mediterranean, so that local communities could capture the value generated? How to foster managerial capacity in the marine tourism sector, including the enhancement of quality standards for marinas and attraction of investments? How to promote sustainable connectivity systems for local transport […]

Promoting an innovative and diversified coastal tourism offer and developing transnational thematic routes

How to promote innovative business models and foster diversification/valorisation of the tourism offer?How to create linkages between the sea-land (particularly the accommodation and food services) with ancillary activities, such as transports, creative industries, coastal and underwater cultural heritage, nautical sports, pesca-tourism and sport-fishing across the region?In which MSP and ICZM may help to reach this […]

Proposed questions for the mitigation of mismatch of blue skills between offer and demand

How to promote apprenticeship schemes and mobility programmes across the western Mediterranean, with a view to strengthen linkages between education and the labour market? How to enhance the attractiveness of the sector and increase the number of people entering the sector?How to opening of existing apprenticeship schemes (that target more traditional sectors) to less traditional […]

Proposed questions on maritime transport and port infrastructure’s development

How the Transport Action Plan for the Mediterranean Region should be implemented to overcome existing barriers to the development of the motorways of the sea and promote investments in greater inter-connectivity, in-land and multi-modal connections and to shift towards smarter and greener mobility in the region? How maritime safety should be addressed?What are the infrastructure […]