Foster stakeholder cooperation and market development

In which manner may the sub-regional approach support the development of partnerships between universities and/or research centres and green businesses? (e.g. development of networks of economic clusters and/or eco-incubators).

In which manner can a sub-regional cooperation initiative provide support to address the drivers of unsustainable consumption and production patterns (e.g. lack of knowledge and know-how, provision of investment and/or technologies for sustainable production, etc. regarding aspects such as limited product life spans, prices not reflecting real consumption of natural resources/externalities, environmental and social costs, limited incentives for recycling and reuse, or reliable consumer information)?

How can stakeholders be actively engaged, notably the private sector (from large industrial conglomerates to small-scale producers), workers’ organisations, women, along with the scientific/research community, educators, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and civil society/ consumers?

What can be the new forms of cooperation (partnerships, collaborative actions, etc.) across sectors (with ICZM or MSP) and across actors to achieve SCP, while keeping balanced governance?

How should consumer education and awareness-raising shift towards more sustainable lifestyles and products?