Promote more effective scp tools and projects

Should SCP be a transversal priority guiding key national policies as planning, economy, education and employment?
If so, how that could be articulated by governments?

How can SCP tools and practices be incorporated into the blue economy sectors of the west Med, in a uniform manner? e.g. through the promotion of an inclusive governance system including top-down policy development (innovative policy and regulatory changes) and bottom-up public participation?

How can tools and practices already in place (regulatory and economic instruments, new and existing technologies, empowerment of stakeholders, etc.) be deployed, across the western Mediterranean region, amongst traditionally segmented institutional management and production systems, to achieve more sustainable consumption and production patterns?

How can inter-linkages between sustainable development challenges be identified so that they offer immediate and effective solutions at the different levels of governance (local, national and regional)?

How can the recent experience gained through the ongoing regional SCP programmes be of help in further upscaling/advancing towards SCP/green, circular economy?