Spatial planning and integrated coastal management

How can spatial planning and ecosystem-based management (e.g. MSP and ICZM) strike a balance among different interests in the shared maritime space of the western Mediterranean, in particular between environmental conservation, sustainable use of biological (fisheries, aquaculture) and mineral (including hydrocarbon) resources, coastal and nautical tourism, maritime transport, and developing renewable energies?
How to ensure adequate stakeholder involvement in the planning and management of maritime space and coastal zone?

How can we achieve the 10% target of coastal and marine areas conservation through well-connected systems of protected areas and other effective area-based conservation measures (OECMs)?
How to ensure that the measures in these areas achieve the conservation objectives?
How to ensure adequate stakeholder involvement in the definition and management of both Marine Protected Areas and fisheries conservation measures?

How can these policies and processes help overcome sector-based, institutional (competences) and administrative fragmentation?
At which scale should they be implemented?
In which way? (E.g. through permanent structures, new or using existing schemes?)