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Call for interest dedicated to highly protected marine areas in the Mediterranean | Deadline: 31 January 2022

Deadline:  31 January 2022 (for submission of concept notes)
Budget:  50-60.000 EUR per year per AMP
Countries:  Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia


  • Maritime protected Areas


The MedFund is an environmental trust fund which aims to mobilize public and private actors to promote the development and efficiency of marine protected areas in the Mediterranean

Guided by science and encouraged by the commitements of several countries to increase the number of highly protected MPSs in the Mediterranean, The MedFund Board of Directors decided in July 2021 to create a new funding window dedicated to MPAs with a high level of protection, call ed Higly Protected Mediterranean Initiative

With the support of the MAVA foundation, the MedFund is launcing a Call for interested dedicated specifically to marine protected areas (MPSs) with a high level of protection.

Highly protected MPAs are MPAs that have in their management plan one or more zones under high protection (no-take zones, no-go zones, fully protected areas). The MedFund’s mission is to provide long-term support to the operational costs of these MPAs.

This Call is open to priority countries designated in the 2020-2025 Strategy of the MedFund: Albania, Algeria, Croatia, Greece, Lebanon, Morocco, Montenegro, Tunisia, Turkey


For more information visit the MedFund Call page