CHAFEA, the EU’s Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency

The CHAFEA mission is to provide high quality support to beneficiaries and stakeholders, and to ensure that the actions funded by the four programmes (consumer programme; health programme; promotion of agricultural products programme; better training for safer food programme) deliver results and provide the Commission with valuable input for its policy tasks.

Promotion of agricultural products programme

Each year two calls for proposals are published for SIMPLE and MULTI programmes. Beneficiaries can receive up to 80% EU funding for their promotion campaigns in the internal market or in third countries.

A total of €191.6 million was allocated to promotion programmes in 2019, including €181.6 million for the co-financing of the programmes and another €10 million in case of market disturbance, up from €179 million in 2018. Programmes can cover a wide range of issues from general campaigns on healthy eating to specific market sectors.

Within the EU itself, the focus is on campaigns that promote the different EU quality schemes and labels, including protected designation of origins (PDOs), protected geographical indications (PGIs) and traditional specialty guaranteed (TSGs), as well as organic products.

A wide range of organisations, such as trade organisations, producer organisations and agri-food bodies responsible for promotion activities are eligible to apply for funding through the call for proposals launched today. So-called ‘simple’ programmes can be submitted by one or more organisations from the same EU country. ‘Multi’ programmes can be submitted by at least two national organisations from at least two member states, or by one or more European organisations. The ensuing campaigns usually roll over three years.


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