WestMED Stakeholder Conference 2021 Agenda (draft)


Working languages: English | Francais (simultaneous translation)

08:45-09:30 | Registration

09:30-10:15 | Opening remarks

Setting up the scene: The political/institutional framework for the development of the blue economy in the WestMED

Moderator: Representative of the WestMED Co-Presidency

The WestMED Maritime Initiative: main features and highlights

The 2021 UfM Ministerial Declaration on the sustainable blue economy: Roadmap towards implementation

The Southern Partnership Communication and SBE Communication

How can the new funding programming period 2021-2027 continue support the blue economy in the region?

10:15-11:45 | Session 1: Corridors for future enhanced cooperation in the blue economy

Brief overview of the status and (post-covid) challenges for each of the main sectors: tourism, aquaculture, green shipping, blue skills, maritime clusters

Moderator: WMAM Central Team + National Hub


The WestMED Assistance Mechanism) areas of actions in the year ahead for these main areas, their respective policy ambitions and how the WestMED Initiative can contribute to support greater regional cooperation

Theme-discussions – panel

What are the areas of opportunities to be addressed through regional cooperation?

What is the status of cooperation through the WestMED Initiative / Assistance Mechanism?

What are the challenges and bottleneck preventing such cooperation so far (including but not only financial)?

What is the possible way ahead to address such challenges and bottlenecks?

11:45-13:15 | Session 2: Corridors for project impact cooperation (WestMED Project Awards)

Moderator: Member of the Expert Jury

Announcement of the winners of the 4 different project award categories

Pitching of the category winners with a focus on transferability/ replicability to an expert jury – to compete for the ‘overall 2021 WestMED Project Award’

QA Expert Jury / and on-site and online audience

13:15-14:30 Lunch

14:30-16:00 | Session 3: Corridors for funding/financing/investing in the Blue Ecomomy in the Western Mediterranean

Moderator: WMAM Central Team + National Hub

Round table on available funding opportunities in view of the new programming period

Relevant Programmes

Thematic or sectoral Funds

Private investors

National Funds


WMAM (Central Team and National Hubs representatives) to offer concrete and practical experiences in dealing with funding programmes and matchmaking activities

Q&A from the public


16:15-16:30 | Announcement of 2021 WestMED Project Award winner

Moderator: WMAM + WestMED Maritime Initiative Co-Presidency

Announcement of 2021 winner plus reasoning
(based on the Expert Jury and Public vote)

16:30-17:00 | Final remarks and closing


To be determined

To be determined

Italian WestMED Co-Presidency

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