EU LIFE Platform meeting | 22-23 March 2022 | Hybrid (La Rochelle – Online)

22 mars 2022 - 23 mars 2022

Screenshot Life Platform Meeting

The Commission produced in October 2020 a draft note on criteria and guidance for protected areas designation, which includes a definition of strict protection for the purpose of the implementation of the targets set in the strategy. A draft definition of strictly protected areas could read as follows: “Strictly protected areas are fully and legally protected areas designated to conserve (and/or restore) the integrity of biodiversity-rich natural areas with their underlying ecological structure and supporting natural environmental processes. Natural processes are therefore left essentially undisturbed from human activity”.

The LIFE meeting will facilitate a synthesis of national experiences on the implementation of strong protection zones. This synthesis will be the subject of a working seminar which aims to present study-cases of implementation of strong protection zones, in order to understand the mechanisms, to discuss the tools used, the methods followed, the scientific and technical work carried out.


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