Sustainable Aquaculture as a Driver for the Blue Economy | 10 May 2022 | Hybrid (Genoa, Italy – Online)

10 mai 2022 - 10 mai 2022

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Visit this Sustainable Aquaculture workshop with an ideal mix of policy development, financial opportunities, North-South cooperation  and practical examples – including a guided tour of some local Aquaculture farms in the Liguria region

  1. Aimed at discussing the state of the art at the local level in the Mediterranean in terms of challenges and opportunities for a fully sustainable maritime aquaculture development (environmental protection, positive impact for local communities);
  2. The exchange will allow to share views amongst EU and Northern African practitioners towards greater cooperation and synergies amongst local and Mediterranean value-chains;
  3. The event builds on the discussions promoted by the WestMED Initiative for sustainable blue economy and expands to other Mediterranean actors and regions – to ensure a fully seabasin-wide exchange;
  4. Going beyond purely theoretical synergies and exchanges, the event also provides an opportunity for field visits and concrete exchanges between practitioners across the Mediterranean and local policymakers – as a way to share and identify the most promising technological opportunities to allow for a fully sustainable development of the sector.

Download the agenda – including registration link: Italian version | English version