Exploiting electrical energy storage systems and better optimising large battery electric power within fully battery electric and hybrid ships (ZEWT Partnership) | Deadline: 26 april 2022

Deadline: 26 April, 2022
Budget: € 16.000.000 EURO
Countries: Algeria, France, Italy, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia, Spain


  • Shipping and ports (O2/P2)



Project outputs and results are expected to contribute concretely to the following expected outcomes as marked (“*”) whilst supporting the overall medium and longer term objectives:

  • Contributions to two full scale vessel demonstrators, hybrid and fully electric, by 2027 covering a sailing distance of at least 300 nm in the case of a fully electric vessel.
  • *Development and validation of electrical architectures for large battery systems on-board.
  • *Proof of the safe integration of battery systems into the ship’s electrical grid for a relevant number of ship types (e.g. IWT, short sea vessels, cruise ships, ferries) and operational scenarios.
  • *Verification of the architecture and the power management system for two cases: hybrid and fully electric.
  • *Documentation of skills requirements for the crew.
  • *In the short term, facilitate full battery electric transit for reduced noise and zero emissions on shorter routes (up to 100 nm) and during approach and harbour stay.

More information:  funding and tenders section of the ec.europa.eu website