Exploiting renewable energy for shipping, in particular focusing on the potential of wind energy (ZEWT Partnership) : Deadline: 26 April

Deadline: 26 April, 2022
Budget: € 18.000.000 EURO
Countries: Algeria, France, Italy, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia, Libya


  • Shipping and ports (O2/P2)
  • Maritime renewable energy (O2/P5)



Project outputs and results are expected to contribute concretely to the following expected outcomes as marked (“*”) whilst supporting the overall medium and longer term objectives:

  • Renewable energy assistance is commercially viable and deployed at scale in commercial shipping and maritime operations, significantly contributing to making waterborne transport climate neutral.
  • In the medium term, enabling the wide adoption of automated wind technologies for long distance maritime transport.
  • *Through full scale demonstration prove the viability at large scale of power generation and propulsion assistance systems on-board harvesting renewable energies such as wind and solar.
  • *System designs (including modular/drop-in) to reduce the costs of and increase confidence in refitting of the most appropriate existing vessels addressing several types of ships and different forms of renewable energy.
  • *System designs including power management architectures and energy efficiency solutions (including wind-assisted and wind-based propulsion) for purpose built new ships including designs that are “wind-ready”. Demonstration of efficiency gains of at least 15% for power generation or at least 25% for propulsion purposes.
  • *Provision of a summary and an analysis of pertinent regulatory issues and how to address them.
  • *Documentation of skills requirements and incentives for the crew, for different types of ships and renewables adopted.

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