Implemented Activities at May 11th 2019

Since the very beginning of the activity, in January 2019, the WestMed National Hub for Italy has been working on its tasks to establish a strong co-operation with the National Coordinator, to ensure the Initiative a consistent attention from side of the local stakeholders, to represent a reliable reference for the Central Team and the other National Hubs.  In particular:

  • the number of stakeholders contacted has been strongly enlarged;
  • a national database of stakeholders has been set up and is being continuously updated;
  • a meeting with the National Coordinator has been implemented on January 28th at Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • a first Road-Show in the form of a kick-off meeting has been organized at place of the National Coordinator on Feb 25th, where over 40 among representatives of Italian regional governments, public and private stakeholders, managing authorities and local IFIs managers were assisting to the presentation of WestMed Assistance Mechanism and participated to the subsequent roundtable.
  • the issue of Twitter ( and Linkedin ( accounts on the name of WestMed National Hub for Italy have been set up, and communication activities could start through social media channels;
  • in March and April another Road Show, in two sessions, has taken place in Florence and in La Spezia.
  • on May 2nd the first roundtable with 13 participants among Managing Authorities of EU funding programmes located in Italy, Italian contact points, local representatives of other IFIs, has taken place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome;
  • the third Road-Show has taken place on April 29th and May 3rd, with four sessions of thematic tables, as per the WestMed priorities, involving over 50 stakeholders in networking activities;
  • the active participation to and/or organization of some international and national events has fostered the networking opportunities for the Italian stakeholders. Blue Invest and Blue Med venues in Malta, Regional Stakeholder Seminar by Facility for Blue Growth in the Black Sea and BSEC in March in Istanbul, Seminars at SEATEC 2019 in Carrara (Italy) on “Ports&Intermodal Logistics in western Mediterranean” with the participation of the Undersecretary of Transport and Infrastructures of the Italian Government, and about “Highways of the Sea” .
  • the assistance towards the stakeholders who had started networking in Algeri in December 2018, for the progress of their partnerships, in view of submission;
  • the signalling of partnership opportunities to and from other NHs in favour of Italian stakeholders for new project proposals and ideas to be developed and/or submitted.

Implemented Roadshows

Rome, 25 Feb. – Kick-off meeting

Florence, 22 March – La Spezia, April 12th EPICAH-Interreg WestMed Capitalization Living Labs

Rome, 29 April and 3 May – Thematic tables

Next Road Shows and other Blue Economy events

Further Road Shows are planned as replication of the Kick Off meeting of Feb 25th and the thematic tables held in Rome on April 29th and May 3rd .

On these occasions the “state of the art” of partnerships and projects in pipeline will be represented, leaving then space to the operativity among stakeholders on finalization of project proposals and ideas.

Technical seminars, B2B meetings, products/systems/prototype testing, presentations to potential investors will be part of these activities.

Other than at National Coordinator facilities, the foreseen activities will take place on the occasion of the following main events:

  • Blue Sea Land, Mazara del Vallo (Sicily), October 2019, for fishing and aquaculture;
  • second half October in La Spezia, during BILOG Convention, Intermodal Logistics;
  • October/November in Cagliari, EASYLOG project, within Italy-France Maritime.

Further WestMed presentations and participations are planned in:

  • LNG Conference in Naples, May 15th-16th;
  • EXCO2019 in Rome, May 15-17th.
  • September in Lazio, during the event relevant to the regional project on Coastal Tourism in protected reserve areas.

 General communication activities

Since the opening of the NH dedicated mailbox, the Italian NH has had the possibility to divulgate its contact details to the mailing list, but also to create much better “traffic” on its social media accounts.

This is due to an intense policy of sharing undertaken by some partner organisations, but especially to the fact that the Italian NH has a dedicated social media manager, who is daily working to improve the performance of its communication activities. Here some figures.