Implemented Activities at 20 August 2019

Since the very beginning of the activity, in January 2019, the WestMed National Hub for Italy has been working on its tasks to establish a strong co-operation with the National Coordinator, to ensure the Initiative a consistent attention from side of the local stakeholders, to represent a reliable reference for the Central Team and the other National Hubs.  In particular:

  • a national database of stakeholders has been set up and is being continuously updated;
  • a meeting with the National Coordinator has been implemented on 28 January 2019 at Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • the set up and the continuous feed of Twitter and Linkedin accounts on the name of WestMed National Hub for Italy has also been achieved, sharing  infos, documents and pictorial files and becoming the core of its communication activities, through social media channels;
  • the active participation to and/or organization of some international and national events has fostered the networking opportunities for the Italian stakeholders:
    • January, Malta – Blue Invest and Blue Med venues,
    • March, Istanbul – Regional Stakeholder Seminar, Facility for Blue Growth in Black Sea&BSEC,
    • May, Naples – Conferenza GNL,
    • May, Rome – EXCO2019,
    • June, Rijeka (Croatia) – ADRIA4BLUE 2019,
    • June, Rome – Ministerial Conf. of Dialogue 5+5 for Research, Innovation, Higher Education;
  • the careful preparation of Italian participation to the WestMed Hackatons in Palermo (13-14 May) event, for the participation of the most representative stakeholders has been very important to ensure each table with Italian counterparts able to properly support the selected projects, towards their submissions in the following months;
  • In the second quarter, the dialogue has already been particularly intense with some Italian regions, like Tuscany, Liguria, Sicily. Positive talks have been held with various other coastal regions (Lazio, Emilia Romagna, Puglia, etc.);
  • Italian NH, in co-operation with Malta NH and Central Team, has supported interested stakeholders to gather in a partnership among Maritime Clusters, and submit ENI-CBC project MED-CLASS-BEST, leaded by Italian CENTRO DI COMPETENZA DISTRETTUALE SOCIETA’ CONSORTILE A R.L. and joined by partners from Tunisia, France, Spain, Malta, Jordan, Egypt, Italy.

Implemented Roadshows

  • February 25th, Rome – Kick-off meeting;
  • March 22nd, Florence; April 12th, La Spezia – EPICAH-Interreg WestMed Capitalization Living Lab;
  • April 5th, Carrara – SEATEC 2019, Networking seminar on “Ports&Intermodal Logistics in western Mediterranean” with the participation of the Undersecretary of Transport and Infrastructures of the Italian Government, and about “Highways of the Sea”.
  • April 29th, May 2nd, 3rd Rome – Thematic Tables Meeting with Managing Authorities.

Next Road Shows and other Blue Economy events

After having organized already the 4 Roadshow Events, as a minimum yearly number for 2019, Italian NH will implement other Roadshows, among the following events:

  • second edition of the Italian Hackatons, with thematic tables in Rome, in continuity with the first held on 29 April – 3 May, will also take place, with the aim of developing the “driving” strategic directions raised in spring and to be better detailed in integrated project ideas. Particular focus of  the networking tables on Clean Transport (LNG project) and Cluster Development and Networking;
  • BILOG 2019 in La Spezia next 16-17 October, where the company acting as NH is also involved in the organization of the venue on Ports Infrastructures and Intermodal Logistics&Freight. Particular focus of  the networking tables on Ports, Intermodal Infrastructures and Services, Platforms&Connections, Innovation in Shipbuilding&Repair, Freight&Passenger Traffic;
  • BLUE SEA LAND 2019 In Mazara Del Vallo from 17 to 20 October, where WestMed will dedicate its efforts on organizing or supporting event to promote the WestMED initiative. Particular focus of  the networking tables on Fishing, IUU, Aquaculture, Maritime and Coastal Sustainable Tourism, Clusters, Marine Litter.

Agenda of the Roadshows and relevant activities will comply with the newly issued Guidelines, and include working groups, networking meetings, thematic meeting.

General communication activities

Growing activity, through NH dedicated mailbox and social medias are already producing a tightened WestMed network.  Considering the intense agenda of events, volume of documents and contents to be shared, this is affecting more and more the effectiveness of our job, especially when time is limited and phone calls are not easy.

Italian NH is benefitting of the activity of its social media manager, who is daily working to improve the quality and the results of its communication activities.