LIFE Call for Proposals 2021 – Technical Assistance preparation of ENV SIPs

Deadline: 22 September 2021, 17:00h Brussels time
Budget: 286.829 € (max. EU contribution = 70.000 €)
Countries: France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain


  • Marine pollution and circular economy (O2/P4)
  • MPA’s and nature conservation (O2/P5)


Provides financial support for the preparation of a proposal for a Strategic Integrated Project under the sub-programme Circular Economy and Quality of Life in the areas of Circular Economy, Waste, Water and Air, in order to implement

  • National or regional Circular Economy Action Plans, National and regional Waste Management Plans, River Basin Management Plans or Air Quality Plans
  • at large territorial scale
  • with the involvement of all concerned stakeholders and
  • including a coordination mechanism for funding supporting complementary measures necessary for the full implementation of the targeted plan or strategy.

More information: Visit the call webpage