Mauritania Roadmap

The roadmap aims to put in place concrete activities to promote the development of the blue economy. In this context, the National Hub works in the following areas:

  • Raise awareness and disseminate relevant information on the Framework for Action, its priorities and the resulting policy initiatives.
  • Establish collaboration / synergies with networks / organizations /support clusters.
  • Conduct prospecting activities to identify topics / areas of interest cooperation.
  • Advise and assist stakeholders in setting up projects.
  • Provide technical expertise for project preparation and research studies feasibility in the region.

In this framework, main activities planned include the following:

  1. Regular meetings with the national coordinator
  2. Outreach meetings with stakeholders involved in the blue economy
  3. Elaboration of a database of key stakeholders
  4. Organization of a sensitization workshop on the blue economy
  5. Technical support for the identification of project opportunities
  6. Operationalization and update of the HNM website page
  7. Development of communication tools

During the first quarter several activities has been initiated :

  1. Liaising with national and regional authorities

A number of meetings were hold essentially with the Mauritanian Ministry of fisheries and maritime Economy. The main target was to chare with national’s authorities informations on the scope and objectives of the WESTMED initiative.

Otherwise, a contact has been established with the European Union Delegation in Mauritania. In this way some mail exchange were done between the core-team and some relevant personalities, and two meetings were organized with EU officials

The EU Delegation showed its interest to collaborate with the national hub in order to coordinate activities and create the necessary synergies.

  1. Networking and matchmaking – support national stakeholders to support project development

The national Hub has worked on the identification of projects opportunities in the field of blue economy. In fact, three main ideas of project has been identified, discussed and validated with the national coordinator. These relevant ideas were presented and discussed with the core-team during the Paris and Brussels’s summits.

  1. Organising and participating in events

The National Hub in coordination with the national Coordinator plan the organization of a national workshop involving all stakeholders concerned by the development of blue economy in Mauritania. In this way, the NH has already prepared the terms of reference of the workshop, the budget and a list of participants.

The main target of this workshop is to familiarize the national actors with the stakes and prospects of the development of the blue economy in Mauritania. It will bring together all national actors from the administration, the private sector, grassroots organizations, civil society and technical and financial partners. It is also expected that some representatives of others National Hub of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and others National Hub interested participate to this event.

The National Hub has attended to a workshop organized by FAO and the Ministry of fisheries and Maritime Economy on March, 27th and 28th. The workshop targeted to prepare a TCP focused on the development of blue economy. The two representatives of the National Hub were charged by the national coordinator to facilitate the debate and elaborate the report of the workshop.

  1. Communication

Regular meetings (at least two meetings per month) with the national coordinator were hold. The aim of these meetings was to discuss, monitor and evaluate the progress of planned activities.

In addition, the National Hub has participated to Skype meetings with the others national hub and the core-team.