• National Hub gathers Italian stakeholders in a LNG working group

    8 April 2020 Communication team

    Within the support activities in the field of Sustainable Transport and Alternative Fuels, the Italian National Hub has activated a local working group, composed of stakeholders in the field of LNG for maritime transport. The members of this group include business associations, policy makers, national development banks, research institutes, consulting companies and universities. Among them […]

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  • Le Hub national débat d’une stratégie de croissance bleue pour la Tunisie

    National Hub Tunisia

    Le Hub national Tunisie a participé ce jeudi 2 avril à un webinar organisé par l’Association Tunisienne de l’Ingénierie Côtière, Portuaire et Maritime et l’Association la Saison Bleue sur les perspectives de l’économie bleue durable en Tunisie. Le maire de la ville de Bizerte, des représentants de l’Union pour la Méditerranée (UpM), de la Banque […]

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  • Marine Litter impacts on biodiversity report released

    18 March 2020 Communication team

    This article was published by Biodiversity Protection Community on the 30 January 2020. It is available here. More than 100 species in all common ecological groups have been identified in scientific literature as impacted by marine litter, and the numbers will go up in the Mediterranean region and globally with increasing scientific research initiatives. The […]

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  • What’s in a Catalogue of Tools for biodiversity protection?

    Communication team

    This article was published by Biodiversity Protection Community in October 2019. Now available in several languages In the framework of the Project PANACeA, the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community built the present Catalogue of tools for biodiversity protection in marine protected areas, covering different needs and requirements for using ecosystem-based approaches in managing and protecting biodiversity. […]

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  • Portuguese stakeholders contribute to feed in the cooperation process in the western Mediterranean

    6 March 2020 National Hub Portugal

    Fórum Oceano, the Portuguese National Hub, promoted the WestMED Initiative National Event, on the 27 February, in Lisbon. The event, entitled “Journey for Interregional Cooperation between Atlantic and the Western Mediterranean”, counted on with the collaboration of DGPM and the Atlantic National Hub, gathering more than 35 Portuguese stakeholders. The Journey aimed at promoting the […]

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