Seamless safe logistics through an autonomous waterborne freight feeder loop service | deadline: 26 April 2022

Deadline: 26 April, 2022
Budget: € 15.000.000 EURO
Countries: Algeria, France, Italy, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia, Spain


  • Shipping and Ports (O2/P4)


Project outputs and results are expected to contribute concretely to the following expected outcomes as marked (“*”) whilst supporting the overall medium and longer term objectives:

  • Enable seamless safe logistics through an autonomous (or highly automated) waterborne freight feeder loop service for inland waterway and/or maritime transport applications. The autonomous system will provide an integrated, reliable, resilient, predicable fully automated service, also taking into account the interconnection of inland navigation and maritime transport in terms of serving the hinterland.
  • Provide increased legal and regulatory certainty concerning autonomous waterborne services within national maritime and/or inland waters, e.g. concerning COLREGs, national and inter-governmental legislation etc. Expansion to the international dimension where feasible.
  • Moving more freight by water with high levels of safety (taking in account all aspects related to fully autonomous navigation, e.g. manoeuvring, situational awareness, collision avoidance, failsafe operations), reduced environmental impact and contributions to climate neutrality, increased operational resilience and decongested land transport infrastructures.
  • Autonomous waterborne freight feeder services can be taken up by the market on basis of a sound business case. Development of new business models based on autonomous waterborne feeder services within national maritime and/or inland waters.
  • Reduced risk for first movers concerning autonomous waterborne technologies.
  • Improved European competitive advantage within global markets with respected to connected and autonomous shipping as well as broadening expertise across several member states and associated countries.
  • Exploitation of EU satellite navigation and other space based services.
  • Better understanding of the societal issues and consequences of automated shipping services, in particular regarding skills challenges.
  • *Preferably demonstrate the solution at full scale with all technology building blocks in a real world scenario. If full scale demonstration is unfeasible, solutions and key technology building blocks may be validated by means of testing within relevant environments, noting the lower project budget foreseen in this case.

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