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Spain focuses on floating wind in 3GW offshore plan

Source: Windpower Montly website

Date: 14 December 2021

Spain’s central government has passed its national offshore wind power roadmap, rubber stamping a 1GW-3GW objective for installed capacity by 2030

Floating offshore wind would likely make up the majority of this build-out. Spain has no operational commercial-scale offshore wind farms today.

The roadmap also ringfences a €200 million public support package for offshore research and development (R&D), prototypes and pilots to the end of 2023.

If the higher 3GW figure is reached, that would represent 5% of the EU’s 60GW offshore wind target for 2030.

While seemingly a modest ambition for a country with over 28GW of onshore wind, the 124-page route map focuses almost exclusively on the burgeoning market of floating wind technologies, making a virtue out of Spain’s extreme water depths close to its 7,600km coastline.

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