Student and school activities for the promotion of education on ‘blue’ sustainability and the protection of marine and freshwater ecosystems

Deadline: 27 September, 2022
Budget: €3.000.000 EURO
Countries: Algeria, France, Italy, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco Portugal, Spain, Tunisia

Previous studies and pilot projects indicate that youth and school mobilisation and engagement and ocean and water literacy activities need to be linked with clearly defined goals and be focused on concrete actions and projects. Mission “Restore our ocean and waters by 2030” offers the opportunity to develop and implement projects by the students themselves, with the support and contribution of their schools, teachers and wider community, based on the established principles and practices of ocean literacy and the general framework on education for sustainability. These projects are expected to contribute, beyond being a pre-requisite for accreditation under the Network of European Blue Schools, to the implementation of Mission objectives.

Proposals under this topic will address the following:

  • In cooperation with the Network of European Blue Schools established under the EU4Ocean coalition, expand and broaden the ocean and water literacy programmes for primary and secondary schools within the European Union and in the Associated Countries to allow them to become agents for change and sustainability of the ocean, seas and waters;
  • Expand the Network of European Blue Schools further to all European Union Member States and to any Associated Countries, coastal or landlocked, and increase links between the established Blue Schools and other primary and secondary schools invite other primary and secondary schools aspiring to become accredited members of the European Network of Blue Schools through the development of common activities (i.e.: twinning projects, etc.) and through the sharing of their experiences;
  • Promote the Mission, its objectives and activities in primary and secondary schools in the European Union and Associated Countries; promote methodologies of Open Schooling, engaging with the community and communication of project results, as important aspects of citizens participation and promotion of Mission objectives;
  • Develop a pipeline of student and school projects implementing the Mission objectives and engaging and mobilising students, teachers and schools for the Mission and monitoring the progress of their implementation;
  • Provide technical assistance and expertise for the proposed projects implementing the Mission objectives and expand ocean and water literacy and education for ocean and water sustainability;
  • Highlight the contribution of student and school projects to achieving the Mission objectives through dissemination campaigns.

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