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Bring European Maritime Day to your country in 2022 – Deadline for the submission of events: 31 January 2022

EMD 2022, the annual EU meeting point on maritime affairs and sustainable blue growth, and the place where ‘Ocean Leaders Meet’, will take place in Ravenna, Italy on 19 & 20 May 2022. As every year, this will not be the only action to celebrate our seas and oceans. EMD In My Country 2022 events will also take place all over Europe from 1 April till 31 October 2022.

In 2021, EMD In My Country – despite the pandemic – was a great success, with 232 virtual, physical and hybrid events, organised in 25 countries (21 EU and 4 non-EU countries), covering all the sea basins of the EU making an absolute record in the history of the European Maritime Day!

Are you ready to submit your event(s) for 2022?

Fill in the application form before 31 January 2022 and bring European Maritime Day 2022 to your country.

All the organisers will receive sustainable #EMD In My Country-branded gadgets and their events will be promoted via the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries’ information channels.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over, EMD In My Country 2022 will include physical, virtual and hybrid events that will take place from 1 April to 31 October 2022.

2022 will be the European Year of Youth, so we welcome plenty of events with a focus on youth activities.

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Deadline: 31 January 2022.

National Hub Mauritania presenting the Blue Economy 2021

WestMED National Hub Mauritania promotes development of the Blue Economy during multiple national events

The WestMED National Hub participated in a national workshop on the promotion of green jobs in Mauritania. During this workshop, which brought together all the national institutions concerned, scientists and TFPs, the national hub prepared a presentation on the blue economy (definition and emergence of the concept), the WestMED initiative, its objectives and the main achievements in the case of Mauritania.

In addition, the National Hub took part in the national consultation days on the revision of the Strategy of Fisheries and Maritime Economy that were organized in Nouadhibou from 16 to 19 December 2021. During these days the national hub prepared a PowerPoint summarizing the main orientations related to the development of the blue economy in Mauritania, which was presented by the National Coordinator.


You can download both presentations here in one file (pdf)

Contact the Mauritanian National Hub (Mohamed Lemine Abdel Hamid):

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Mediterranean Supports ECA with Strict Sulfur Limits by 2025

Source: website
Date: December 13, 2021

The EU, together with countries from around the Mediterranean Sea, committed to further efforts to protect the environment around the Mediterranean, including moving to become a sulfur emissions control zone. By 2025, the Mediterranean could become the fourth emissions control area joining Northern Europe in the efforts to mandate the use of low sulfur marine fuels.

The decision came as part of a meeting of the members of the 25-year-old UN Barcelona Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Region of the Mediterranean. The convention, which was first adopted in 1976, includes 22 parties with the EU and eight EU Mediterranean member states as well as cooperation from countries around the Mediterranean.

At the conclusion of last week’s meeting, the group voted to support the designation of a sulfur emissions control area (ECA) in the whole region. A broad range of NGOs had long been advocated for the action. Under the language accepted by the signatories of the convention, ships steaming through the Mediterranean would only use fuels containing low sulfur. It calls for a much stricter standard of just 0.1 percent versus the global standard and 0.5 percent sulfur levels presently.


Read the full article on the maritime-executive website

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Blue Invest Africa: Call for pitchers open | Deadline 19 December 2021 | Republic of Seychelles


  • 5 December 2021 – deadline for pitchers
  • 15-16 March 2022 – Blue Invest Africa
  • 14 March 22 “Behind the Doors” event (for investors, upon invitation only)


This event is organised by the European Union in collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Seychelles and Under the high patronage of H.E. Wavel Ramkalawan, President of the Republic of Seychelles.

BlueInvest Africa targets the registered African start-up business companies that are already operating in the various sub-sectors of the blue economy; it targets as well the African Small Micro and Medium sized businesses (SMMEs) not yet officially established in an African country but bearing an innovative idea subject to further commercial development within the African market.

For start-up companies and SMMEs, BlueInvest Africa will provide: 

  • A unique opportunity to meet other African project holders and SMMEs engaged in blue actions;
  • A platform for receiving direct advices from several captains of industry operating in Africa;
  • Several side-events on access to financing; award for pitchers; direct contacts with development banks and other financial institutions;
  • Coaching and mentoring sessions, networking at large;

For investors:  

  • Company publicly named and advertised by the event organiser in the blue business;
  • Business opportunities to invest in blue economic projects for sustainable livelihoods;
  • A unique event for appraising the climate of African business;
  • A direct access to the African countries which already geared up their blue business agenda;
  • European and African entrepreneurs for joint future business opportunities.

More information (including the agenda and registration): visit the blueinvest Africa website 

project award winners on stage during westmed stakeholder conference 2021

Major knowledge transfer during the 3rd WestMED stakeholder Conference invigorates sustainable blue growth in the western Mediterranean.

On November 9 2021, the 3rd WestMED Stakeholder Conference took place in Rome, Italy.

Co-organised with the Italian ministry of Foreign affairs, this event attracted close to 300 registrations and featured 30 experts covering the latest policy, funding and sectoral developments.

Corridors for sustainable development
The title ‘corridors to sustainable blue Development,’ reflected the essence by highlighting the state-of-play and opportunities in the western Mediterranean sea basin with a specific focus on aquaculture, sustainable tourism, green shipping, maritime clusters and maritime skill development.

These topics align with the main priority areas supported by the WestMED assistance Mechanism and are based on the feedback and needs identified in the WestMED maritime community.

Five exemplary projects
For the first time, the WestMED Best Project Awards were  handed out. Fifty-four highly interesting and valuable projects from both shores (North and South) entered the competition.

An expert jury consisting of Alessandra Sensi and Mohammed Al shakran (UfM),  Mercedes Acitores (INTERACT) and Julia Manning (EBRD) made the final selection based on impact and replicability.

Sicomar Plus was awarded in the category ‘Biodiversity, Marine Habitat Conservation and Response to Marine Pollution.’ Website Sicomar plus

BiovecQ was awarded in the category  ‘Sustainable Consumption and Production.’ Website BiovecQ

Starfish 4.0 was awarded in the category ‘Sustainable Fisheries, Aquaculture and Coastal Community Development.’  Website Starfish 4.0

BlueSkills and the Algeria Startup Challenge were both awarded in the category Skill Development and Circulation.’  Website BlueSkills | website Algeria startup challenge

Live streamed
The event was in a hybrid form with approximately 75 people in the room itself with dynamic (face-masked) networking between attendants, live-streamed  to the international online maritime community and simulteanously translated in both English and French.

The recording and the PowerPoint slides used of this event will be available soon on this website – and can be found on the dedicated conference 2021 page

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EU and Mauritania announce the conclusion of negotiations for a new fisheries agreement

Source: EC.Europa website  | 29 July 2021

The European Union and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania have concluded on Wednesday 28 July 2021 the negotiations for the renewal of the bilateral agreement on sustainable fisheries.

Fishing boats, Mauritania @ Patrick CHAZOT / Adobe Stock
This new agreement, which replaces the one in force since 2008, contributes to further strengthening the political partnership between the EU and Mauritania and confirms several decades of cooperation in the field of fisheries, a key sector for the development of Mauritania’s economy and one of the pillars of European blue growth.

Consistent with the European fisheries policy, the new agreement comes after a long negotiation, which took place in a phase of reform of Mauritania’s fisheries management and incorporates the priorities of the new national sectoral strategy recently adopted.

The Implementation Protocol accompanying the new agreement was concluded for a period of five years and aims at a gradual alignment of the fishing opportunities offered to Union vessels operating in Mauritanian waters with their actual activity, taking into account the best scientific advice in the context of increased monitoring of the state of the fisheries resources concerned. For this reason, the protocol includes, inter alia, a review clause before the third year of application in order to allow the possible adjustment of the fishing opportunities and the financial contribution paid by the Union in the light of the actual use made of these possibilities by Union vessels.

The new protocol contributes to responsible fishing and sustainable management of fisheries resources under improved technical and operational conditions and transparency. It aims in particular to minimise the impact of fishing on marine ecosystems and respects the activities of Mauritanian coastal and artisanal fleets.

The protocol provides for access by the European fleet to Mauritanian waters for the fishing of crustaceans, demersal fish, tuna and small pelagics, for a total of approximately 290.000 tonnes per year. For the first years of application of the protocol, in addition to the catches paid by European fishermen, the EU will devote EUR 57,5 million per year to this partnership. The European Union will pay Another EUR 16,5 million, spread over the duration of the protocol, as sectoral support to accompany the implementation of the Mauritanian national strategy by measures approved jointly.


Read the full news announcement on the ec.europa website

westmed cluster alliance logo

The WestMED Maritime Cluster Alliance helps pave the way for establishing a Mauritanian Maritime Cluster

In the framework of the activities of the WestMED Maritime Clusters Alliance, and thanks to the organization of the WestMED Mauritanian National Coordinator and National Hub, the first event aimed at the establishment of a Maritime Cluster in Mauritania, has shown the importance of such a process in the growth and consolidation of local ecosystems for the Blue Economy and beyond.

Taking inspiration from the good practices from Tunisia, with its CMT (Cluster Maritime Tunisien), the participation of the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Maghreb and the President of the Central African Francophone Maritime Cluster (together with the main European networks of maritime clusters – ENMC, ECA), well represents the significance of a joint undertaking of the same challenge at regional level.

Countries where this process is at its early stage, find a strong support in this common effort and the requests expressed by the Mauritanian actors, during the networking session, have clearly underlined the need for support: institutional anchoring, sustainable model for clusters establishment and development, financial resources to encourage research &i nnovation, progressive inclusion of local ecosystems in European supply chains (towards Euro-Mediterranean ones).

The WestMED Maritime Clusters Alliance, through its inclusive activities, is going to ensure and facilitate suitable answers to this capacity building demand, within South-South and also North-South through actions/partnerships/projects.

The next event related to this topic, during event during the SEAFUTURE 2021, will mark another step of this ongoing process, in the same direction.

More information
Download the background information and agenda of the workshop here

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Effective Project Proposal Development for EU Funding | 29 june 2021 | Online

This pilot training session is aimed at Blue Economy stakeholders in the Southern Mediterranean who are interested in acquiring basic knowledge and skills for EU project proposal development.

The training will include sessions on the logical framework approach, do’s and don’ts in the preparation of these type of projects, consortium building, as well as concrete examples of on-going blue economy related projects counting with a presence of Southern Mediterranean partners.

The agenda wil be available soon

The registration link will be available soon. If interested and you would like to be notified – please contact us

mediterranean beach

WestMED Asistance Mechanism highlights importance of transferability of Sustainable Tourism Initiatives to Southern Shore Countries

The Assistance Mechanism participated in an event on May 6, 2021 organised by the Sustainable Tourism Community where the importance of replicability and transferability of EU funded projects and was highlighted – including the importance of strengthening ties and opportunities with Southern partners. It was also noted that the Assistance Mechanism is actively engaged in supporting stakeholders to extend the benefits that are coming out of a number of projects on sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean.

The MED Sustainable Tourism Community counts on a group of 17 Associated partners (networks, actors participating in Mediterranean initiatives, tourism stakeholders, academia) with the role of ensuring links with other initiatives and to enlarge the impacts and the scope of the dissemination, transferring and capitalisation activities. The main questions discussed the event are:

  1. The identification of synergies with existing initiatives of participating  organizations
  2. Identification of collaboration among organization and the MED Community
  3. Involvement in the the transferring & capitalization of activities

Read the news article on the Interreg Med Sustainable tourism


For more information, please contact:
– Stephanie Vella:
– Mohamed Lemine:

screenshot financial afrik with ship in port

Mauritanie-Algérie : ouverture d’une ligne maritime stratégique pour l’export

Source: Financial Afrik

La Mauritanie et l’Algérie ont procédé lundi 12 avril au port d’Alger, à l’ouverture officielle d’une nouvelle ligne maritime entre Alger et Nouakchott. Ce premier axe maritime  est destiné essentiellement à faciliter  l’export des produits algériens vers la Mauritanie, mais également en Afrique.

D’après la fiche technique, ce trajet est géré par la société « Anisfer Line » spécialisée dans le transport maritime. L’entreprise organise tous les 20 jours un nouveau voyage sur cette ligne pour exporter divers produits algériens vers la Mauritanie ainsi que vers les autres pays africains voisins. Cette nouvelle route, indique-t-on, réduira le délai d’exportation vers la Mauritanie à cinq  jours.

S’exprimant à cette occasion, le directeur général de la société, Mustapha Hamadou, a  mentionné que l’ouverture de cette ligne maritime constitue la première ligne directe vers l’Afrique. Elle permettra, souligne le responsable, à l’Algérie d’exporter ses différents produits vers le continent africain dans un délai record.

En lire plus
visitez la page Web Financial Afrik