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Want to do a MSc in Applied Oceanography offered by the University of Malta?

Source: University of Malta

Deadline for registration: 25 June, 2021

Whether you are a student just finishing your first degree or an already qualified professional wishing to enhance and diversify your career, this is the course that fits your aspirations to be a marine professional prepared to take the opportunities of this decade dedicated to the oceans. It is the right course for those who want to sharpen their talents and wish to shape their career to fit the future challenges of the knowledge based society which will rely more extensively on our sustainable relationship with the sea.

It is also an opportunity to study in Malta, the place where everybody wants to be. We have also some scholarships to offer to those who need a push of support. This year we have a partnership from two international companies (AquaBioTech and Deltares respectively) and we are offering three scholarships to EU candidates.

The course is intended to train post-graduate students and professionals on state-of-the-art methodologies and tools to measure, understand and predict the marine environment, and derive sustained benefits from the sea. It is elaborated over a course programme spanning and merging the scientific, technical and applicative aspects of oceanography to offer students a wide-ranging integrated approach, linking science to management, putting technology at the service of users and stakeholders, and providing tools and training for more efficient service oriented applications. Targeted areas of such applications include: environmental monitoring and surveillance, assessment and mitigation of risks, marine science-based policy development and strategic planning, climate change, sustainable resource exploitation, ocean governance, marine industries and service provision, and the overall empowerment of human resources to face current and emerging challenges in the marine domain.

While retaining the necessary scientific elements related to the acquisition and use of data and its transformation into knowledge, the course targets to put an emphasis on achievement of skills, and empower students to excel in performance on applications and operational practices.

The Master course in Applied Oceanography is offered to both local and foreign students.

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AquaBioTech Group and Deltares are partners in the delivery of this course.