WestMED Green Shipping Technical Group: first meeting among subgroups of stakeholders interested in priority actions

The ultimate mission of the WestMED Assistance Mechanism (WMAM) is to provide support for the adoption and implementation of the Blue Economy agenda « Framework for Action ».

To reach the main goals established in the FfA, the WMAM has developed multiple actions and tools over time, including support to new project proposals or the promotion of partnerships and matchmaking or the creation of dedicated thematic Technical Groups, which are an effective and innovative instrument aimed at gathering the 5+5 Dialogue countries around common actions and jointly tackle global challenges.

Since year one, the Technical Group on Green Shipping, composed of institutional representatives from WestMED countries, has been able to define key priorities on the topic of Sustainable Maritime Transport and Alternative Fuels, and to involve stakeholders in operative sub-groups for the translation of such priorities in concrete actions and project proposals:

  • Feasibility Studies and Observatory on Technological Chains as a policy/decision making tool to boost investments in sustainable energy;
  • Energy Communities in Ports;
  • Commercial (and barge) Fleets Renewal and Adaption to ensure their compliance with the thresholds of emissions and with the challenge of environmental sustainability.

On May 26th, a dedicated networking session represented an opportunity for the transfer of the pro-active role of the WMAM to the direct leadership and co-working of the group toward the stakeholders involved.

Thanks to the efforts of the WM Natjonal Hubs, more than 30 organizations joined the event, where 20 were directly engaged in the sub-groups, and had access to a wide overview of the incoming funding calls of the new programming period.

With the support of the WMAM, the subgroups already framed the project ideas, kick-starting the exchange of strategic information and targeting the next date for meeting again: new partnerships are building up and getting ready for the launch of new calls!