Stephanie Vella at the University of Malta september 16, 2021

WestMED National Hub Malta on Future paths for the Blue Economy at the University of Malta Futures Bootcamp

The Maltese NH participated in a discussion organised by the University of Malta as part of a Blue Economy International Bootcamp on September 16, 2021

The event took a future-focused approach, aimed at exploring future paths for the sustainable growth of the blue economy through research and innovative solutions and collaborations.

The event, which was organised as part of the SEA-EU ‘European University of the Seas’ alliance initiative, brought together various international blue economy stakeholders from the research and academic areas.

It served as an opportunity for the Maltese NH to raise awareness on the WestMED Initiative and its ongoing work, and also on the WestMED Projects Awards.

The discussion delved into the main challenges revolving around the diverse sectors and stakeholders within the blue economy.

It also delved into opportunities arising from cross-sectoral and inter-regional collaborations, such as through existing networks including the WestMED Initiative and ‘area-based Lighthouse’ initiatives of the Oceans Mission.