Blue jobs and cross-cutting skills for young professionals and graduates of the Med Countries | 14-15 April 2021 | Online

14 April 2021 - 15 April 2021

The importance of the marine and maritime industries will continue to grow in the Mediterranean region: the “Blue Economy” sector is an engine of human and economic development for the entire region. Taking fully advantage of this sector’s potential will require a multi-skilled workforce from a wide variety of marine and maritime professional backgrounds, and areas such as marine biotechnology and marine renewable energy will also necessitate new knowledge, skills, and innovation.

This programme will be useful for students and young graduates from a wide range of academic backgrounds, and will cover topics relevant for a diversity of sectors and careers: business and incubators; smart specialization strategies; technological innovation for sustainable blue growth; talent circulation and partnership building; good practices.

80 students and young professionals, related to the HOMERe network and BlueSkills/OGS Alumni, will be able to follow the training in an interactive way, while the sessions will also be streamed for the general public.

Concept note & Agenda

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