Strong involvement of the national hub in the process of developing the fisheries sector strategy of Mauritania (2020-2024)

The national hub of Mauritania has been strongly involved in the process of developing the fisheries sector strategy. Indeed, the head of the national hub was approached by the Minister of Fisheries to participate in steering the process of developing the sector strategy for the period 2020-2024.

In this context, the head of the national hub has actively participated in the preparation of the communication of the Minister of Fisheries in the Council of Ministers on the start of the process of elaboration of the 2020-2024 fisheries strategy, the framework note of the process and the terms of reference of the pool of national experts responsible for developing the strategy.

This function reflects the Minister’s confidence in the skills of the national hub and will strengthen its strategic position at the level of the Ministry of Fisheries, which will have a very positive impact on the promotion of the WestMED initiative and its institutional anchoring in Mauritania. .

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