• WestMed Initiative launched

    19 April 2017 Communication team

    Today the European Commission launched a new initiative for the sustainable development of the blue economy in the western Mediterranean region. The region covers economic hubs like Barcelona, Marseille, Naples and Tunis. It also includes tourist destinations like the Balearic Islands, Sicily and Corsica. The sea’s biodiversity is under severe pressure with a recent report by scientists from […]

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  • WestMed Initiative shifts Focus towards Key Areas

    14 September 2016 Egbert Hoogstad

    After extensive discussions with stakeholders and after having studied numerous policy and research papers, it was concluded that a slight change in course is required for this initiative. Phase I was meant to establish the added value of an overall maritime approach for the Western Mediterranean. And, whether there is enough support from the most […]

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  • Results Phase 1 public

    4 July 2016 Egbert Hoogstad

    We are pleased to announce that the first two reports that were produced during Phase 1 of the project have been officially approved by the EC and are available online. Report 1: Non paper based on the context analysis This non-paper is a discussion document that provides both a context analysis and impact assessment. The objective […]

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  • Green light for phase 2

    3 July 2016 Egbert Hoogstad

    Phase 1 of the project has officially ended in June. The final reports covering this phase were approved by the European Commission. At the same time it was concluded that there are enough benefits to be gained to move forward into phase 2. Agreement was reached on a, slightly renewed, focus of this initiative and […]

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