Maritime Transport: Going with the Wind – Exploring the potential of Wind Propulsion to contribute to the Green Deal | 15 June 2021 | Online

15 juin 2021 - 15 juin 2021

large image with beach waves and smaller images with different wind powered boats

2021-2030 has been announced as the ‘Decade of Wind Propulsion’ by the International Windship Association and its 130+ members, as it is a critically important decade for the shipping industry to deliver on decarbonisation. This online event will pull together a group of leading experts in wind propulsion technology to outline a radical paradigm shift. This approach can drastically reduce carbon and other GHG emissions from shipping, using a set of technologies and approaches already available today.

The webinar will provide a unique opportunity to present an up-to-date overview on the international wind propulsion developments and to highlight European policies in the field. Two panels will engage political and technical stakeholders in a debate on two major issues:

– Wind propulsion’s potential for the decarbonisation of the shipping industry. The discussion will be based on the results achieved during EU Interreg NSR WASP project and will focus on the adoption of hybrid ‘propulsion-centric’ decarbonisation pathways.

 The current drivers, barriers and the facilitating regulation framework for wind propulsion going forward, including considerations on the potential for jobs and regional regeneration.

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