MedPAN is the network of Marine Protected Areas managers in the Mediterranean. Its mission is to promote, through a partnership approach, the sustainability and operation of a network of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean which are ecologically representative, connected and effectively managed to help reduce the current rate of marine biodiversity loss.

The network currently includes 120 institutions and NGOs that either have direct responsibility for managing Marine Protected Areas (MPA) or are involved in the development of MPAs in the Mediterranean. These players manage over 100 MPAS in 20 Mediterranean countries.

The activities of the network revolve around 3 strategic components

  1. Be a network for knowledge, information, anticipation and synthesis
  2. Develop the life of the network, the exchanges between its members and their capacity to effectively manage their MPAs in link with the other players in their territories.
  3. Reinforce the sustainability, prominence, governance and resources of the MedPAN network.


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