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WestMED Asistance Mechanism facilitates Blue Growth ties with Libya at SEAFUTURE 2021

Within the framework of the 7th edition of SEAFUTURE, the WestMED Assistance Mechanism organised a dedicated workshop on ‘the Sustainable Development of the Blue Economy in Libya.’

The current WestMED Co-Presidency of Italy and Libya presented a suitable occasion to promote such a workshop, aimed at consolidating networking and links with Libyan stakeholders, in the digfferent Blue Growth fields.

Various cases of successful co-operation projects and business ventures were illustrated, to show the vitality of possible common initiatives, as soon as more stable conditions are achieved in the country.

As a preliminary step towards the next WestMED Stakeholders’ Conference and further possible initiatives, where Libya could increase the interaction with the other 5+5 Dialogue countries, the event of La Spezia has represented concrete progress of involving Libyan stakeholders in project proposals and partnerships, targeting those funding programmes that allow their participation.

In this perspective, the WestMED Assistance Mechanism with a leading role for the Italian national Hub led by Leonardo Manzari,  has fully played its pro-active role and will continue assisting these efforts across the two shores of the Mediterranean

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signing MOU cluster organisations at SEAFUTURE 2021

Memorandums of Understanding signed between Clusters at WestMED Initiative hosted event during SEAFUTURE 2021

Within the framework of SEAFUTURE 2021, the WestMED Initiative, with its  Maritime Clusters Alliance held an open event on september 28, focusing on funding opportunities for clusters in the new programming period.

The event ended with the with the signing of MoUs between two Italian national clusters, and between CTN BIG from Italy and Strategis Cluster from Greece. This took place on board the historical school sailship Amerigo Vespucci of the Italian navy.

Watch the recording of this event

salem Miladai-Forum de la Mer 2021

Le Hub National OuestMED Tunisie a présenté l’Initiative au Forum de la Mer 2021, Bizerte

Le Hub National Tunisie a participé le 24 et 25 septembre 2021 au Forum Mondial de la Mer à Bizerte.

Plusieurs personnalités ont assisté à l’ouverture officielle de ce forum dont le chef de cabinet du commissaire européen de l’environnement, de l’océan et de la pêche, le secrétaire général de l’UpM, les ministres de la mer de la France et du Portugal, le prince de Monaco, la délégation de l’Union Européenne à Tunis, plusieurs ministres tunisiens, des parlementaires, des organisations internationales et régionales, des instituts de recherche, des universitaires, des associations et beaucoup d’autres personnalités tunisiennes et étrangères.

Plusieurs présentations de haut niveau ont été discutées durant ce Forum concernant des thèmes relatifs à l’Europe et la Méditerranée, aux initiatives et projets, aux témoignages, pour un parlement méditerranéen de la mer, préserver la biodiversité marine et côtière de la méditerranée, à la recherche au service de la biodiversité marine, lutter contre toutes les pollutions marines et les nouvelles exigences du transport maritime. Les différentes interventions étaient en présentiels et à distance.

Le Hub National a présenté l’évolution du secteur du transport et de la logistique et son rôle dans la progression des échanges mondiaux des marchandises puisqu’il assure le déplacement de 90% de ces échanges. Toutefois, de par son utilisation du fioul lourd (250MTonnes/an) le transport maritime est très polluant et dégage des quantités de plus en plus importantes de particules d’oxyde d’azote et de dioxyde de soufre éjectées dans l’atmosphère et finissent dans les océans et les mers. Le HN a présenté le projet Westmed et les travaux du groupe technique sur le transport propre et dont l’objectif est de limiter les effets polluants du transport maritime et ce par la généralisation du LNG au lieu du fioul lourd.

A la demande de la délégation de l’Union Européenne à Tunis le HN a installé un stand dans la zone piétonne du port de pêche de Bizerte situé au centre de la ville. Tous les projets de l’UE et autres ont été appelés à participer à ce village environnemental par des stands pour montrer le rôle de ces projets dans la lutte contre la pollution marine, maritime et côtière.

Salem Milada - stand Forum de la Mer

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The WestMED Initiative takes center stage at SEAFUTURE: Italy’s largest international Blue Growth event


A strong impulse by the WestMED Initiative during 2020-2021, in combination with an active involvement by the Italian co-presidency (shared in 2021 with Libya), has now led to a center stage
position at Italy’s most important international Blue Economy event: SEAFUTURE.

The priorities pursued by the Initiative involving the 5 + 5 Dialogue countries (Algeria, France, Italy, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Mauritania, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia) have favored the creation of cross-border technical working groups in the field of Sustainable Maritime Transport, Maritime Clusters, Aquaculture, Sustainable Tourism.

On 28 September, 2021, the National Technological Cluster – CTN BIG (Blue Italian Growth) and the WestMED Assistance Mechanism, with the participation of the European Commission DG MARE and Union for the Mediterranean, will hold a workshop dedicated to the WestMED Maritime Clusters Alliance, to further develop projects and actions undertaken, and further expand the mostly nationally organised cluster community to regional, sectoral and intersectoral clusters in the Mediterranean.

The event will be followed by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two national maritime clusters of Italy, CTN BIG and Federazione del Mare, strongly fostered and supported by the WestMED Assistance Mechanism, through the National Coordinator and the National Hub.

On September 30th, the Connecting EU day, will be dedicated to ports and intermodal logistics Organised by Circle Spa, it will address many of the issues that have so far involved the same stakeholders in the WestMED Technical Group on Green Shipping.

Finally, on 1 October, SEAFUTURE, EIEAD and the WestMED Assistance Mechanism will dedicate a workshop to the Sustainable Blue Economy of Libya. This, in order to accelerate the inclusion of the community of operators of the North African country, given the dynamics of development and interaction at the Mediterranean level, after the well-known civil war events.

This is a moment of EU attention and cooperation, and of Italy in particular, towards a country that will increasingly look to its European partners, for assistance and support in the growth path for the next few years. The 2021 edition of SEAFUTURE, which will welcome over 60 delegations from five continents, is therefore the ideal venue to bring the centrality of the Mediterranean to the attention of all the players involved in the sustainable Blue Economy.

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The WestMED Maritime Cluster Alliance helps pave the way for establishing a Mauritanian Maritime Cluster

In the framework of the activities of the WestMED Maritime Clusters Alliance, and thanks to the organization of the WestMED Mauritanian National Coordinator and National Hub, the first event aimed at the establishment of a Maritime Cluster in Mauritania, has shown the importance of such a process in the growth and consolidation of local ecosystems for the Blue Economy and beyond.

Taking inspiration from the good practices from Tunisia, with its CMT (Cluster Maritime Tunisien), the participation of the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Maghreb and the President of the Central African Francophone Maritime Cluster (together with the main European networks of maritime clusters – ENMC, ECA), well represents the significance of a joint undertaking of the same challenge at regional level.

Countries where this process is at its early stage, find a strong support in this common effort and the requests expressed by the Mauritanian actors, during the networking session, have clearly underlined the need for support: institutional anchoring, sustainable model for clusters establishment and development, financial resources to encourage research &i nnovation, progressive inclusion of local ecosystems in European supply chains (towards Euro-Mediterranean ones).

The WestMED Maritime Clusters Alliance, through its inclusive activities, is going to ensure and facilitate suitable answers to this capacity building demand, within South-South and also North-South through actions/partnerships/projects.

The next event related to this topic, during event during the SEAFUTURE 2021, will mark another step of this ongoing process, in the same direction.

More information
Download the background information and agenda of the workshop here

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Pesceinrete: Le imprese ittiche della Mauritania aderiscono alla fiera di Assoittica

Source: Pesceinrete/ Domenico Letizia
Original article:


Nel Paese le opportunità legate alla pesca sono tantissime e le imprese locali vogliono inseguire innovazione e sostenibilità.

Anche la Mauritania aderisce alla fiera ittica virtuale mondiale di Assoittica Italia, la fiera Digital Seafood Trade Show. In Mauritania, la piccola pesca è minacciata da un sistema invasivo e legato alle vecchie logiche industriali: le flotte industriali, spesso straniere, razziano il mare ricco e pescoso a discapito delle comunità locali dove il pesce viene trasformato e non solo è fonte fondamentale di sostentamento, ma anche di reddito.

Tuttavia, nel Paese le opportunità legate alla pesca sono tantissime e le imprese locali vogliono inseguire l’innovazione e la sostenibilità per riscrivere le logiche dell’industria ittica nazionale. Il settore ittico è uno dei settori più importanti per l’economia del Paese. Le particolari condizioni climatiche permettono alla Mauritania di essere considerata uno dei paesi con aree costiere maggiormente produttive. Il maggior centro economico del Paese, Nouadhibou, è sede di pesca industriale e artigianale, ed è considerato un centro strategico per la sua posizione geografica ma anche perché è il centro decisionale del paese.  Il fenomeno rende Nouadhibou una delle regioni più ricche al mondo in termini di risorse ittiche. La Mauritania è considerata una delle poche aree al mondo in cui il settore ittico presenta ancora importanti margini di crescita.

Ben diciassette sono le imprese ittiche della Mauritania, raggruppate attorno alla Fédération de pêche des mareyeurs exportateurs, distributeurs et collecteurs (FPMEDC), che parteciperanno ai lavori del Digital Seafood Trade Show. La FPMEDC, presieduta da Moustapha Sidi Mohamed, è un sindacato professionale mauritano che riunisce la maggior parte degli operatori del settore della pesca, gestito da un team di professionisti e imprenditori. Aumentare il reddito dei pescatori  locali e contribuire a facilitare un positiva integrazione economica dei protagonisti ittici del Paese per una buona gestione dello sfruttamento delle zone costiere è tra gli obiettivi della storica organizzazione che aderisce alla Fiera ittica virtuale di Assoittica Italia. Le aziende della Mauritania che aderiscono alla fiera virtuale sono SMMCS Sarl, Valencia Fri60, Mauritania Peche, Interpesca Frigo, Est Ndm, Cosm Frigo, Mhamed Taleb, Nord Fish, Ico Peche, Union Trarza, Ecab, Muritanibest, Ets Khalifa, Tl-Peche, El Mansour Peche e Fleur De Tatlantic. Il Governo della Mauritania nel 2013 ha inaugurato una Free Zone nella regione. L’obiettivo strategico del progetto è quello di attrarre gli investimenti esteri e contribuire al consolidamento di partnership per colmare il gap infrastrutturale e favorire lo sviluppo sostenibile della pesca.

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Algerian-Italian fisheries partnership | نحو شراكة جزائرية ايطالية في مجال الصيد البحري

نحو شراكة جزائرية ايطالية في مجال الصيد البحري

إستقبل السيد سيد أحمد فروخي، وزير الصيد البحري و المنتجات الصيدية، يوم الاثنين 08 مارس 2021 ، سعادة سفير ايطاليا بالجزائر السيد جيوفاني بوقلياز، بمقر الوزارة

وسمح اللقاء باستعراض سبل تطوير التعاون و الشراكة ما بين البلدين في ثلاثة مجالات، تخص كل من صيانة و بناء سفن الصيد البحري، صناعة تربية المائيات و تسمين التونة الحمراء

كما إتفق الطرفان على تنظيم لقاءات عبر تقنية التحاضر المرئي عن بعد ما بين المهنيين و مجهزي السفن الجزائريين و الايطاليين، لتطوير مشاريع شراكة و استثمارات اقتصادية في عدة مجالات ذات الاهتمام المشترك


Meeting between Mr. Ahmed Ferroukhi, Minister of fisheries, and Mr the Ambassador of Italy in Algeria, Mr. Giovanni Bouklyaz. The meeting allowed a review of ways to develop cooperation and partnership between the two countries in three areas, related to each of the maintenance and construction of fishing vessels, the aquaculture industry and red tuna fattening. The two parties also agreed to organize a virtual meeting between Algerian and Italian professionals and ship suppliers to develop partnership projects and economic investments in several areas of common interest.



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Report: The future of Mediterranean tourism in a (post) covid world

Mediterranean tourism is now at a crossroad. Severely impacted by travel restrictions due to the COVID19, its future is now decided and faces a fundamental question: back to Mass Tourism or leapfrog towards Sustainability?

Download the report that has been prepared by the Eco-Union. This can also be found on a dedicated page of Eco-Union’s website.

TFNEWS – Italian press coverage ‘La cooperazione nel cuore del Mediterraneo e lo sviluppo della logistica portuale’

Blues Summer School – now accepting applications | 10 selected participants free of charge

The Jean Monnet Module titled “The Blue Economy and Sustainability – the EU and the Mediterranean” (BLUES) supports the running of a summer school on the sustainable blue economy for 3 consecutive summers (2021, 2022 and 2023).

This June, EMUNI will run a dynamic and engaging BLUES summer school, offering a combination of distance learning, supervised research or entrepreneurial work, face-to-face interactive teaching and field trips subject to the conditions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The goal of the summer school, jointly organised with the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) in Italy, is to support the creation of stable and attractive career pathways and skilled talents that will be needed to support the expansion of marine and maritime sectors by improving professional skills and competences, fostering networks and partnerships, and encouraging the active contribution to positive change for the conservation and sustainable use of the Mediterranean Sea.

The application deadline is 6 April 2021 at 14.00 (CET) and is open to postgraduate students of any discipline related to the Blue Economy with a demonstrated interest in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

10 selected participants will be able to attend in person the summer school free of charge. To apply and find out more, go to: BLUES project – EMUNI